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Tune in to Brain Tech 9000 to explore fascinating topics related to your brain and its wellbeing, and learn different ways to care for your brain.


What is your main organ? Why does it matter? Join Dr. Shalts on his quest for consensus on the question of which organ, if any, is the most important in the human body. 


In this special limited series "Brain Tech 9000," Dr. Shalts teams up with philosopher Jane McMaster to raise awareness about what they believe the most important organ to be--THE BRAIN!


Check out the first episode below! 


Can you actually predict the future based on astrology? BrainTech puts astrology to the test as renowned astrologer Boris Izraitel creates an astrological chart that he thinks can predict the outcomes of the 2018 midterm elections on November 6th!


He also creates and investigates the natal chart for Jane McMaster, a philosopher who thinks astrology is nonsense.

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