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episode 7

screen addiction

part 1 ~ Bewitched by the glowing screen

Can you be addicted to your phone, laptop, or tablet? What about Instagram or Netflix? This week, Dr. Shalts and Master McMaster discuss the increasingly pervasive issue of intense attachment and addiction to our rapidly evolving technology. Later, D'Shalts and the Master tell you what all of this is doing to your brain and how to curb your screen use! Plus, Master McMaster reveals a few of the many things she has walked into while staring at Instagram!

From this episode:

Stats and Studies about Screen Addiction: 

  1.  Social Media Use in 2018: ​​

  2. How Often US Smartphone Owners Check their Devices

  3. You Probably Use Your Smartphone Way More Than You Think

  4. Americans Check Their Phones 8 Billion Times a Day:

  5. These 8 Social Media Addiction Statistics show Where We're Spending Our Time:

  6. How Much do We Love TV? Let Us Count the Ways:

  7. Number of Netflix streaming subscribers worldwide from 3rd quarter 2011 to 1st quarter 2018:

  8. Study finds that Americans check their Phones 80 Times a Day on Vacation:

  9. Cell Phone Addiction: The Statistics of Gadget Dependency:

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