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Episode 21: Coping with stress: election 2018 edition

It's election day -- is your brain exploding from stress and/or anxiety?? Ours too! And we're here to help. This week the brains at BrainStorm9000 dig into the psychological torment of our divisive political climate and discuss the best ways to cope with this profound stress many of us face every day. Dr. Shalts and Master McMaster are joined by experienced therapist Hillary.

From this episode:

Tips for Coping With Stress (Politics and Non-Politics Related!

It's not all bad- get your daily dose of GOOD news here: 

- Take care of yourself first. 

- Be aware of and take control of your exposure to stressors. 

- Know your limits and when something is taking over other aspects of your life. 

- Get the information you need to contribute positively, and move on with your day. 

- Take the big picture and bring the focus back to the moment, not the general. 

- Trying to predict the future is not helpful- remain in the now. 

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